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Do You Really Love the GM Dorxenore in FFXIV?

Firstly, welcome to FinalFantasyXivGil, my friends, this time we are going to talk about the GM Dorxenore in FFXIV, different players would have diverse ideas about that, but you need to understand it's good to pay close attention to novice network and upholding the ToS


Solo Event Should Not Be Blocked to Progress in FFXIV

Hey guys, welcome to FinalFantasyXivGil, I am having some trouble with Ravana HM, which really gives me a headache, you know, I have tried so many ways to get off that issues, but all failed. Always in queue, but never get the chance to be a good teammate.


FFXIV Housing Issues Need To Be Fixed Right Away

Welcome to FinalFantasyXivGil, my friends, do you guys meet some problems with your housing in Final Fantasy XIV? Some players are so angry and upset with Square Enix, thinking that they had failed to do their job.


Some Thoughts About Final Fantasy XIV RDM Rotations

Hey guys, I'm SamaFd from FinalFantasyXivGil, do you guys has any thoughts about Final Fantasy XIV RDM rotations, which is really important to most of the players who want to obtain loads of ffxiv gil in game, more damages will bring more rewards.


Alphinaud Is One of the Best Developed Characters in FFXIV

Hey, my friends, welcome back to FinalFantasyXIVGil, so happy to see you guys again, this time, let's talk about Alphinaud Leveilleur, one of controversial characters in Final Fantasy XIV, many players love him, and the others hates.


The Current "Vote" System Is Flawed in Final Fantasy XIV

Yes, welcome to FinalFantasyXIVGil again, hwo do you guys fell about the vote system in game? Good, bad or flawed? I think it's not perfect now, even below standard! It's unfair to some single playersm, who is not playing FFXIV with friends or joing a group.

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Is Final Fantasy XIV Worth Playing In 2017?

We feel that Final Fantasy XIV is well worth playing even if you just jump in and play the barebones version of it.


Best Classes For Beginners In Final Fantasy XIV

With the latest expansion, Stormblood being all anyone wants to talk about. There has been a lot of interest in Final Fantasy XIV lately.


Final Fantasy XIV The Far Edge Of Fate, Patch 3.5 Thoughts

Ok, so it has been a little while since the 3.5 Final Fantasy XIV update was announced. Today just for some fun and to help you and us get excited for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood