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In the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood what is the best way to make ffxiv GIL? there so many guides for farming ffxiv gil! today our gamer sort up some easy method to get final fantasy xiv gil

what is the best way to make GIL in Stormblood

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood will coming in june 20 2017,Pre-order FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood at a participating retailer and redeem your pre-order code during the specified period to receive early access. Early access will grant users the ability to play FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood a few days before the official release date!In the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood what is the best way to make ffxiv GIL? there so many guides for farming ffxiv gil! today our gamer sort up some easy method to get final fantasy xiv gil

what is the best way to make GIL in Stormblood

Really depends on your market and where you are at with gil. YMMV on numbers and what you consider a little or a lot, but this was my method and it worked well enough for me.

If you have less than 1,000,000 gil:
Gathering bulk buy mats. (granite and mythril ore were my go-tos)
Mid level crafted items. (Crafting/Gathering gear, Ingots)
With the two above, it's especially good if those items are part of a quest and leve turn-in. (I ran HQ wyrven obsidian for a while)
Post 1,000,000 gil to [insert a number of gil you consider a lot here]
At this point you can find a few fast paced markets, buy it out when it is low and resell high. This takes about 10 minutes of my game time a day, and nets me anywhere from a quarter to three-quarters of mil a week.
After you have a lot of gil
Gear up a crafter and craft expensive things.
Not sure this helped, but markets are very volatile things and it is really hard to pin-point what is "good". I have had great success selling housing items only to have someone find the hole in the market and completely crash it. If you can devote the time to being a little vigilant though, it isn't too difficult and probably a better money vs time exchange than just bulk gathering.


Heavensward has been a massive gil bringer for my FSH. Fisher used to be a so-so money maker pre-expansion. For the first year+ of Heavensward it was a HUGE gil maker for me, and though the prices have leveled out a little now it still far outstrips pre-expansion gil.
I usually use my FSH or CUL to: sell fish used in leve-quests to other FSH who will use them in grinding to 60, aetherial reducing fish for materials / clusters to sell, farming collectable fish to trade in for scrip bait to resell for 200k a stack, and desynthing Fish / Pies on my Cul for the clusters and materials.
Lately I don't even use my CUL to make food for sale, I just make my own raid food, and use it for desynthing for mats to sell. I don't bring in massive amounts of gil, but I can easily and lazily make a couple million over a few hours of work. If there is a particular item I really want, I buckle down and work twice as hard for it.
For me, it is all about the medium trickle of gil coming in at all times, rather than those massive occasional spikes of gil.
Oh, and of course selling what my retainer brings back, selling grade IV and V materia from PoTD hoards, and the occasional map / aquapolis.
It all goes towards my obsession to glamour the living day-lights out of all my jobs, and then once a month try another combination.

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