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Any ideas about the Balmung server of Final Fanatsy XIV? And will there players in Balmung be happy to leave if it is blocked? You know, some players would not leave the servers, but still having a lot of complaints with Balmung.

Why FFXIV Players Are Afraid to Leave Balmung?

Any ideas about the Balmung server of Final Fanatsy XIV? And will there players in Balmung be happy to leave if it is blocked? You know, some players would not leave the servers, but still having a lot of complaints with Balmung.


The whole reason a lot of us are pushing for labeled roleplaying servers is because it creates an in-game method of unifying the playerbase. It gives, without any shadow of a doubt, a clear and concise location for roleplayers to go. 


Why FFXIV Players Are Afraid to Leave Balmung?


Currently, all our roleplaying resources (including which servers to use) is limited to third-party websites, like the RPC, and Tumblr, and other types of word-of-mouth. Not everyone playing FFXIV is aware of these sites, or utilizes them even if they are. There's also a lot of division even within those communities about where to go. Many people don't want to move off server and risk their homes only to find out there's a dwindling community, so many people stay on a locked server, with rapidly stagnating roleplay, out of fear of losing what they have already. When the community generally decided Mateus was a good substitute for Balmung, the people already on Mateus generally were bristly and unhappy with roleplayers coming to their server. (Not everyone, but there certainly was a lot of vocal opposition against it.)


If there were a concise in-game resource (i.e. designated roleplaying servers--simply a server with a tag that says "Roleplay welcome here" more or less) then it would tell everyone who plays the game that is a location to go for it. New players without outside resources would go there. It wouldn't rely on people having to research which servers, or find outside information. It would tell existing roleplayers where to unify. It would help servers that are otherwise PVE servers not get overrun by a bunch of roleplayers.


The short version is, the pros far outweigh the cons of having designated realms. There's literally no reason not to have them. 


From a business standpoint, designating realms also works, because people would transfer over in droves, freeing up locked servers in the process. It would also help a lot because you wouldn't have a divisive community. Yes, roleplay servers have people doing other stuff on them, but it helps keep things cohesive and gives direction. As it stands, people are afraid to leave Balmung because it's locked, because they're afraid RP will be thin on other servers, and they don't want to lose what they have. But there's no one new coming in, period. It's not healthy. We need a better long-term solution than locking realms and waiting for the players to sort of congregate on another realm until that one gets locked too. Just designate a few RP-friendly servers officially, and things will ease up off the congested realms.


Balmung was a merged Legacy server, and that hasn't helped it. 


A lot of people think we will just repeat the cycle, but part of the housing issue is we don't have clearly labeled servers beyond "preferred" and "locked", and there are plenty of non-roleplaying minded folks playing on the "roleplaying server". It's unofficial status as an RP server is hurting it in that case. If it were formally labeled as such, then people would flock to--or avoid--it as appropriate for their tastes. We need direction, and not direction from the players. We need it from the company, to help with the flow of players.


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